Things You Must Know Before Buying an Electric Knife Sharpener


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If you regularly use knives in the kitchen, there will come a day when they become dull. Unfortunately, this outcome is inevitable. While the knife may retain its signature sheen, its cutting capabilities will diminish with consistent utilization. Cutting a tomato may have initially been similar to taking the knife through warm butter, but it will become more cumbersome after the knife has been used many times.

Fortunately, investing in an electric knife sharpener is any easy method to combat this outcome. Making the decision about such a purchase can, however, seem overwhelming when faced with the immense range of different electric knife sharpening options available on the market today. Before making any purchase decisions or doing any in-depth comparative analysis of different models, it is important to first educate oneself about some basic electric knife sharpener characteristics.


Sharpening stages and sharpening angles are two of the most important facets of electric knife sharpeners that one should understand for the purposes of evaluating different models. The proper method of sharpening a knife necessarily involves usually different stages that progressively take the knife from initial sharpening to finer honing, using coarse and fine grits, respectively. Sharpening a knife in this manner is very effective. More importantly, the use of sequential stages limits the quantity of metal that is unnecessarily shed from the blade of the knife, thus maintaining the lifespan of the knife. Electric knife sharpeners with only one stage are available on the market and are often much cheaper. Nevertheless, one should understand that sharpeners of this type tend to shorten the effective lifespan of one’s knife by removing excess metal with each sharpening due to the coarse grit employed.

Another fundamental factor to consider is the sharpening angle. Knives manufactured in different parts of the world and designed for different cuisine types typically have different angles on the actual cutting edge of the blade. This necessitates the employment of different sharpening angles. For example, knifes manufactured in Japan are typically best sharpened using a 15 degree sharpening angle. On the other hand, knifes manufactured in Europe should be sharpened with a 20 degree sharpening angle. Well-designed electric knife sharpeners generally include an option to adjust the sharpening angle to better suit that knife that one is seeking to sharpen. Lower-tier models generally exclude this option in favor of a one sizes fits all approach.

The guys at have put together a nice amount of information on how to properly choose the right machine for you and your needs. There you’ll read the best electric knife sharpener reviews that will help you make your mind up and have access to the perfect purchase.

Ultimately, making a purchase decision comes down to your specific requirements. If you have spent a lot of money on a high-end knife set, it will likely be more logical to invest in a more capable electric knife sharpener that can easily accommodate different knife types and sharpen the blades effectively without sloughing off too much metal material from the blade. On the other hand, a cheaper, less-capable model would make more sense for someone with a more entry-level knife collection.

Pros And Cons Of Using Pressure Cooker At Home


Pressure cookers that are available these do not have any resemblance with the dangerous and noisy dinosaurs which existed during the time of our grandparents. There are so many safety features which are included in the modern day pressure cookers making them much safer for beginners to use that. A pressure cooker can allow you to beat microwave in case of speed and in this era where things are really hectic and most of us have a very packed schedule, pressure cookers have become an important aspect for running a home smooth. The best pressure cookers always help you cook delicious meals at home. Keep reading to find out why it’s important to own one.


Pressure cookers does have a great speed in cooking. The speed with which they can actually cook is something much comparable with the microwave. Asparagus can be cooked within 2 minutes after about 8 minutes that it takes for building pressure. Microwave also has got a cooking time very similar to that. Pressure cook does beat stovetop and oven in terms often cooking speed that they have. Meats and beans cook really faster in pressure cooker. It is possible to cleanup faster as you just have used a single pot for cooking.

Flavor & Nutrients

Pressure cookers are sealed tightly and so they can preserve juices and moisture which can make the meals tender and flavorful. As it has got much shorter cooking time and has got the method of enclosed cooking, very less amount of nutrients are lost compared to the cooking done on stovetop and conventional method.


Pressure cookers which used to be there in use in olden days are the ones which can lead to steam build up in such an extend that it can blow off the top. Cookers that are available these days have features and design to prevent such accidents. They are capable of releasing excess pressure for ensuring safety.

Pressure Release

Pressure release one of the cons that you may have to face when you cook things in pressure cooker. It is not possible to open the cooker once the cooking is done. You should actually let the pressure be released. You can either choose cold water method or can let the cooker to cool down for releasing pressure. In the cold water method, you can easiest way for getting the best way for cooking to be done in finest way. The next method that you have is something that can be finest for you to get the advantage. It is always possible for get the finest things so that you can get what is best for you.

Multiple Duration for Cooking

If you have food items that have similar cooking time then pressure cooking is fine. If you have recipe with dishes of varying cooking times then cooking can be really hard. It can make the food items that have got lesser cooking time can get in bad form. You should then take it out release pressure and remove the ones with lesser cooking time and the ones with longer cooking time to cook more.

Need more information? You can check out what’s a pressure cooker  and how they work in order to get more answers to your questions.

Books Every Mom Should Give Their Kids To Read


With the alarming rate of illiteracy today, it’s imperative that parents introduce children to books at an early age. It should be a fact that children and books go together like two (happy) peas in a pod. We can make that happen. A love of reading encourages an inquisitive mind, critical thinking skills, helps develop a sense of humor, increases a desire for knowledge and moral values. Books can help a child learn empathy and compassion for others.

Children’s story books form the perfect introduction between children and books. Those nap time and bed time stories with toddlers form the basis of many a happy memory, which lasts into adulthood. Who would have thought that you’d remember Mom or Dad reading ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ or ‘Lord of the Rings’, decades later? Yet, probably each of us does have such memories, fond recollections of time spent reading and imagining, before we ever learned to read.

Illustrations provide the bridge to the words of the story. Preschoolers are fascinated by the pictures which visually tell the story, from page to page. Children and books thus become the best of friends. Soon, your child becomes curious to find out how to read the words themselves. You can encourage this process subtly, occasionally linking a word on the page to the portion of the illustration that pertains to a word or idea. For example, tonight’s bedtime story is ‘Alligay Saves the Stars’. The story has numerous references to this cute little flying Alligator, trying to retrieve his boomerang from the starry sky. Look, aren’t the stars beautiful? You want to see which word means star? The answer will likely be Yes! Look at that big smile on Alligay’s face! Here’s where the word smile is. Yep, a great big smile!

Before long, your toddler will begin to understand that the words you read relate to real objects and ideas. Words then become almost like magic. Surely, your child has, at some time or another, begged for …just one more story, please! If it’s at all possible, try to never refuse these requests. This is how children and books become fast friends. When the time comes and they’re ready to learn their ABCs, you’ll have an eager pupil who now understands the power he or she has within their grasp.

Starting an early relationship between children and books does form a bond that lasts a lifetime. Frequent story reading sessions and trips to the library becomes an enjoyable past time and habit. As kids get older, they have a desire to expand their knowledge through reading. By the time they’re in third or fourth grade, you may find them choosing a book from the library in an area that’s of special interest to them. A book on frogs or astronomy. The point is, you’ve guided them to a point where they actively pursue knowledge through reading.