Pros And Cons Of Using Pressure Cooker At Home


Pressure cookers that are available these do not have any resemblance with the dangerous and noisy dinosaurs which existed during the time of our grandparents. There are so many safety features which are included in the modern day pressure cookers making them much safer for beginners to use that. A pressure cooker can allow you to beat microwave in case of speed and in this era where things are really hectic and most of us have a very packed schedule, pressure cookers have become an important aspect for running a home smooth. The best pressure cookers always help you cook delicious meals at home. Keep reading to find out why it’s important to own one.


Pressure cookers does have a great speed in cooking. The speed with which they can actually cook is something much comparable with the microwave. Asparagus can be cooked within 2 minutes after about 8 minutes that it takes for building pressure. Microwave also has got a cooking time very similar to that. Pressure cook does beat stovetop and oven in terms often cooking speed that they have. Meats and beans cook really faster in pressure cooker. It is possible to cleanup faster as you just have used a single pot for cooking.

Flavor & Nutrients

Pressure cookers are sealed tightly and so they can preserve juices and moisture which can make the meals tender and flavorful. As it has got much shorter cooking time and has got the method of enclosed cooking, very less amount of nutrients are lost compared to the cooking done on stovetop and conventional method.


Pressure cookers which used to be there in use in olden days are the ones which can lead to steam build up in such an extend that it can blow off the top. Cookers that are available these days have features and design to prevent such accidents. They are capable of releasing excess pressure for ensuring safety.

Pressure Release

Pressure release one of the cons that you may have to face when you cook things in pressure cooker. It is not possible to open the cooker once the cooking is done. You should actually let the pressure be released. You can either choose cold water method or can let the cooker to cool down for releasing pressure. In the cold water method, you can easiest way for getting the best way for cooking to be done in finest way. The next method that you have is something that can be finest for you to get the advantage. It is always possible for get the finest things so that you can get what is best for you.

Multiple Duration for Cooking

If you have food items that have similar cooking time then pressure cooking is fine. If you have recipe with dishes of varying cooking times then cooking can be really hard. It can make the food items that have got lesser cooking time can get in bad form. You should then take it out release pressure and remove the ones with lesser cooking time and the ones with longer cooking time to cook more.

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